I will stand by you

First of all I hate the term customer. But I have to use it because you give me money and I want to be professional by any means. That said, I know more or less all the customers that I have dealt with in the past and some of them I consider them friends. 

My intention is to built a relationship with you that will not end in one single deal. I like to talk with people to help them decide or clear out any questions before buying. And I’m here to support you after your purchase for whatever you’ll need.

I’m very confident about the quality of my products but some times problems may arrive due to misuse or other reasons. For all those cases, rest assured that you are covered. Just send me back the watch strap or any other product that you have problem with and either I will fix it or replace it with a new one until you’re satisfied.

I provide lifetime warranty for all my products. At least my lifetime 🙂